Frozen Elsa School Backpack, Lunch Box, Water Bottle, Pencil Case and Stationary Set Set 40

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  • Frozen Elsa School Backpack, Lunch Box, Water Bottle, Pencil Case and Stationary Set Set 40

    Original licensed product.

    Brand: Hakan Çanta

    School Backpack Product Details:

    * 2 compartments.

    * With Elsa and Anna picture.

    * Purple zippers.

    * Purple side tapes.

    * Embossed.

    * Mesh side pockets.

    * Purple top handle.


    Width: 20 cm

    Length: 35 cm

    Depth: 17 cm

    Pattern: Frozen Elsa and Anna school backpack

    Color: Purple, blue

    Gender: Girl

    Lunch Box Product Details:

    * Single compartment.

    * Purple side tapes.

    * Shiny front.

    * Adjustable length.

    * Purple shoulder strap.

    * With Frozen Elsa and Anna picture.

    * Doesn't stink.

    Size: 22 cm x 19 cm

    Pattern: Frozen Elsa and Anna picture

    Color: Purple and pink

    Gender: Girl

    Water Bottle Product Details:

    * Easy to open.

    * Practical.

    Size: 25 cm

    Pattern: Frozen Elsa picture

    Color: Blue

    Gender: Girl

    Pencil Case Product Details:

    * 2 compartments.

    * Spacious.

    * With Frozen Elsa picture and snowflake patterns.

    * Shiny front.

    * Big blue Frozen Elsa picture.

    * Purple side handle.

    * Purple zipper with metal shapes.


    Width: 20 cm

    Length: 9 cm

    Depth: 7 cm

    Pattern: Frozen Elsa picture and snowflake patterns

    Color: Purple, blue

    Gender: Girl

    Stationary Set Product Details:

    * Frozen Stationary Set includes 7 pieces: pencil case, 2 pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, ruler and scissors.

    * Metal pencil case with 3 compartments.

    * Very elegant package.

    Brand: Cem Kırtasiye

    Size: 22 cm X 8 cm

    Pattern: Elsa, Anna and Olaf pictures printed.

    Color: Purple, lilac

    Gender: Girl

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